Fox diet

Fox Diet

The question of “What does a red fox eat?” can be almost as difficult to answer as “What does a human eat?”. Foxes are true omnivores capable of devouring a large variety of plant and animal matter. On the vegetarian side of the equation, possible foods include various grasses, grains, fungi, berries and fruit. It’s much better known carnivorous diet might consist of insects (especially grasshoppers where abundant), rodents such as mice and voles, rabbits, birds, earthworms, carrion and more. Foxes are also quite famous for scavenging human garbage, which can provide a major portion of their diet in urban environments.
Regardless of what it eats, a fox needs to take in about half a kilogram of meat, or it’s equivalent in plants each day. It will spend a third of it’s time searching for food to fulfill this requirement.