Minor injuries & sprains

Arnica & Rhustox

Arnica & Rhustox

Homoeopathic treatment for Minor Injuries Arnica & Rhustox 1 x 20ml

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Foxes, being very agile creatures, find no difficulty in scaling six feet fences, and in doing so will often receive sprains and other minor injuries. If a leg appears to be flapping unusually, or is being dragged or sticking out at a strange angle please ‘phone and inform us of this on our emergency numbers.
Phone: 07791 908131

If the fox is just holding its leg off the ground or is only occasionally observed to place the leg on the ground, then it would seem to be a sprain or other minor injury. In either case the homoeopathic treatment (Arnica 30c) we supply should help to relieve any pain and reduce any swelling. The treatment is a homoeopathic remedy so there is no fear of overdosing the fox, and it is no danger to any other animal.

Dosage: Administer four drops onto either a jam, honey, or peanut butter sandwich. The fox will take this with relish and the local cat population will leave it alone; foxes love sweet things – cats don’t! Give the four drops daily for ten days, unless the leg appears better before this. If the fox is still limping badly after treatment please do get back to us.

Derbyshire Fox Rescue | Chesterfield UK | mange.org.uk | info@derbyfoxes.org.uk | +44 7791 908131